Monuments, Tipical places

South of the city of Siracusa you come across Noto, a town that owes its beauty to the tragic earthquake that in 1693 destroyed most of the South Eastern Sicily city. Originally the town was 10 km away from today's center; completely destroyed by the earthquake, ...

96017 - Noto (SR)

    Palace Mergulese Montalto


    The palace Mergulense - Montalto is located in the ancient Spirduta ("spidduta"), the island of Ortigia. The building dates back to the fourteenth century and is characterized by a medieval prospectus with carved dark stones, typical of the fourteenth century architecture of Syracuse. It is ...

    Via dei Mergulensi
    96100 - Siracusa (SR)

      Church of St Joseph


      The Church of St. Joseph was built , in the mid-1700s on behalf of the Confratelli Falegnami at the site where once stood the old Orthodox Church of St. Fantino. To deal with the expenses of construction, the Confrati sold to the Congregation of Cocchieri and ...

      Vicolo Sant'Anna
      96100 - Siracusa (SR)

        Maddalena peninsula

        Environment and nature, Naturalistic and protected areas, Tipical places

        Of great archaeological interest is the visit to the Plemmirio, reachable by a road of about 7 km along Porto Grande. The name derives from the presence in the peninsula, until the nineteenth century, of a church dedicated to Mary Magdalene. This place, famous in the ...

        Via La Maddalena
        96100 - Isola (SR)

          Hypogeal Path of Piazza Duomo

          Monuments, Museum and historical sites

          The Hypogeum of Piazza Duomo is an underground path which is accessed by a small opening located along the wall of the garden of the Archbishop's Palace. The path was rediscovered in 1869 during the works that have affected the area of the square between the ...

          Piazza Duomo, 14
          96100 - Siracusa (SR)
          0931 450801

            The Basilica of Saint Lucia al Sepolcro

            Churches, Tipical places

            The Basilica stands on the place Saint Lucia, patron saint of Siracusa, was martyred. Probably built over a byzantine basilica the actual building was built by the Normans over an existing Arab construction. Norman details can still be seen on the façade and the floors on ...

            Piazza Santa Lucia
            96100 - Siracusa (SR)
            0931 67946

              Greek Theatre

              Museum and historical sites

              The Greek Theatre is the largest example of theater architecture of the Greek West. It has the peculiarity of being almost entirely carved in stone. In addition to the performances, as the ancient   Greeks used to do, the theater was used for popular assemblies. After being ...

              Viale Paradiso
              96100 - Siracusa (SR)

                Palace Francica Nava


                Palace Francica - Nava is an impressive fifteenth century building in Gothic- Catalan style, modified in '700 with baroque embellishments. It belonged first to the powerful family Gravina - Cruyllas of Francofonte; then it was inhabited by other noble families of the city, until the 1693 ...

                Via Saverio Landolina
                96100 - Siracusa (SR)

                  Catacombs of St. John


                  The Catacombs of St. John were built in the fourth century, following the route of a former Greek aqueduct (with its tanks), and enlarged until the fifth century. The structure consists of a central gallery from which branch out ten secondary ones, leading to four "round" ...

                  Via San Giovanni alle Catacombe, 1
                  96100 - Siracusa (SR)

                    I.N.D.A. – Greco Palace

                    Museum and historical sites

                    The island of Ortigia has several jewels dating back to Middle Ages and buildings built in fascist style, including the Greco Palace which is the current headquarters of the National Institute of Ancient Drama (I.N.D.A.). Greco palace also houses the Museum of the Ancient Drama, in which the ...

                    Via Mario Tommaso Gargallo
                    96100 - Siracusa (SR)
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